Happy Thanksgiving from Kim&co.

24 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving ladies!

What better way to celebrate this wonderful holiday by giving back to our faithful customers? We would like to offer you an amazing Black Friday sale this year! You will find all of your favorite styles at 25% off from Friday the 27th of November until Sunday night the 29th of November.

To help you with your shopping, we have come up with a list of five items you will absolutely need to survive the colder months.

1.Faux fur collar
This is a definite must have for this winter. Kim’s faux fur collar is not only chic, but unique. It adds a little something to any outfit and keeps you warm. It comes in two beautiful colors, black or gold.

2.Light weight denim long sleeve cardigan
The search is over ladies – Kim has the perfect cardigan for you! This light weight denim cardigan can be worn with pants, leggings, dresses. You can adjust the straps to wear it tighter or leave them loose for a more casual look. You can easily dress it down or make it more fashionable with the right accessories.

3.Croco pleather slim pant
You’ve missed them on The Shopping Channel. You’ve missed them on QVC. Well now, they are on www.kimco.ca ! Kim’s Croco pleather slim pant is this Fall and Winter’s classic. Edgy yet sophisticated, pair them with amazing black boots and you are good to go!

4.Brazil Knit sleeveless twist Maxi dress
What better way to cheer you up during these cold months than with a gorgeous maxi dress. The twist front is a unique detail that Kim loves. You can easily match it with the many boleros we offer on our website. Pair with red lipstick and you will everyone at your holiday party jealous!

5.Brazil Knit ¾ ruched sleeve cardigan
Afraid of being cold during your holiday parties? Kim has the perfect addition for your wardrobe. This ¾ ruched sleeve cardigan is great to wear over your dresses. The sleeves are gorgeous and the fabric is not too heavy; keeping you warm but not dressing down your outfit. It comes in four beautiful colors to match all of your dresses.

Hopefully all of these lovely items will make the colder months go faster! Enjoy the Black Friday sale and happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Back to School with Kim&co.

11 September 2015

The leaves are slowly turning yellow and red. You’ve exchanged your sandals for boots. Your vacation at the sea is long gone.
The start of Fall also means back to school for many of us! Lunches to pack, homework to get done; therefore, to help you get through the day without hassle, Kim&co. has the perfect outfits planned out for your back to school routine!

1.Deluxe knit denim narrow leg pants
Every woman absolutely needs a pair of Kim&co deluxe knit denim pants! The perfect mix between leggings and jeans, they offer you style without compromising your comfort.

2.Cropped leggings with ruching
If you prefer plain leggings to the denim ones, we have an amazing pair at Kim&co. They give you the liberty to run freely after the little ones while the
ruching details give them an edgy look.

3.Melange Knit poncho tunic
This poncho is great for days when you don’t want to over think it. Pull it over your leggings or your denim pants and you are good to go!

4.Petal Bouquet short sleeve tunic
Back to school also means meeting new teachers and faculty. Be ready for all your PTA meetings with this beautiful tunic. You will look classy yet conservative while feeling stylish.

5.Kim&co. bag
Laptop, lunch, pencil case…with all your school accessories, you need a good bag to carry these around.

Luckily Kim and her team would like to offer you a special back to school promotion! With every purchase of 150.00$ (before taxes), you will receive this perfect Fall essential either in blue, black or pink. Simply write in the comments of your order what color you would like!

Who said you couldn’t look and feel good while you help with homework? With Kim&co., anything is possible!

Safari Prints: A Walk in the Wild

16 April 2015

Spring is finally here, so you can breathe a sigh of relief as you clear out the neutrals and dark colours from your closet for next winter. Safari prints are simply fantastic because they let you unleash your personality and to have fun with bold prints. Kim & Co. simply dominates in this area because there are so many options to choose from. In fact, the following items are perfect for those who want to look elegant and maintain a sense of sophistication.




The Leo Hearts Cross Over Cami is the perfect leopard print piece with a casual v-neckline and a flared tunic style to flatter your waist. In addition, it would look great with any silver necklace or any understated jewelry as it complements your collarbones and neck. Now that the sun is out, you don’t even have to wear a blazer or cardigan with it to stay warm.




Pair it with the Lynx Print Wide Waistband Slim Pant which is made to follow the shape of your legs to produce a slim line. The wide waistband ensures that all women can fit into it gracefully and look absolutely brilliant. Can you imagine all the minimalist tops that you can wear with this? Black and white t-shirts would look simply fantastic.




The Pebbles Chiffon Scarf provides a nice finish to the outfit and you can tie it in any way that you want. If you don’t want to wear it around your neck, you can even tie it around your handbag or use it as a belt. It’s okay to get creative with your outfits, because what else would fashion be for?


Now that you finally have your favourite prints for the season, you can finally embark on your day with ease and confidence. Just remember your fedora and your sunglasses so that you’re ready for a fabulous day.

The Kim & Co. Woman: Prints and Graphics

31 March 2015

The Kim & Co. woman is vibrant and sophisticated. She embraces prints and graphics of all kinds because they add a lively quality to her outfits. However, she has standards and not all prints or graphics will satisfy her. They always have to represent the best part of herself and showcase her personality to the world. In fact, the following prints will exude elegance with a minimalist approach to give you the most satisfying look.




The Classic Paisley Boat Neck Tunic is perfect for any transitional outfit. You can wear a blazer over it and pair it with stovepipe trousers for the office, then wear it for the way it is when you go out for happy hour in the evening. The fitted waist and boat neck collar elongates your neck and produces a flattering line for your body shape. The lovely Brazilian print and light blue fabric is simply feminine.




The Floral Bows Short Sleeved Dress is chicly nautical and will make you feel as though you are on a summer yacht. The graphic bows and navy blue background will remind you of the cute sailor’s knots that you learned during summer camp. Not only is this perfect for a garden party, but it will fulfill your nostalgic fantasies too. Long statement necklaces look the best with this particular dress.




This Butterfly Patchwork Chiffon Scarf is simply the best way to spice up a minimalist outfit. If you only want to wear a tank top and a pair of jeans, this would look great with a pair of sunglasses. Chiffon is such a light breezy fabric and its butterfly print has a royal flair that’s just so Cote d’Azur. If you want to go the extra mile, a fedora would look great with the chosen outfit.


Travel Wear for the Active Woman

12 March 2015

Now that spring is approaching, you’re probably thinking about your next big adventure. After all, summer is just around the corner and you have to think ahead. People have always said that it’s difficult to dress for the summer since you can’t layer, but the items below will keep you inspired. Each outfit will be perfect as you relax under the sun, take a stroll, or even when you’re sipping your pina colada.




Wear a long sleeveless dress. You can never go wrong with a dress, particularly this Scattered Peonies Sleeveless dress. It has the most divine floral prints that add a light feminine touch to your attire. More importantly, it saves you time as you don’t have to mix or match much with it. Therefore, if you’re simply going shopping or if you have to head out early to watch the sunrise, you are ready to go.




Pull on a breezy tunic. Tunics come in all colours, shapes, and sizes. In fact, they’re so comfortable and elegant at the same time it’s hard to believe that you’re not in your pyjamas. They flow downwards to accent your best features and you can accessorize your heart out with them. When in doubt, try this Paradise batwing tunic.



Jump into loose trousers. Not into dresses? Then, loose trousers are for you. Loose trousers would be perfect since they hover right at your ankles, but fall vertically to give you a refined line. You can even pair it with a nice tight blouse or tank top or wear it with your favorite platforms: let’s say, the Slinky Short Sleeved Top and the Lynx Print Relaxed Pants With Pockets.




Pack a Scarf. You can wrap them over your head or tie them in various different knots around your knick. Additionally, you can even use it as a decoration for your handbag by tying it around the handles. It’ll add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Spring Time Stroll: The Central Park Look

6 March 2015

Spring will be here soon and you need an outfit that’s comfortable, but undeniably chic. After all, you’ll want to take a walk at the park or even down the streets once the weather clears up. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few simple items that we think would be perfect for you to enjoy your day. It’s colourful and floral, so have fun with it!




Yellow has a bad reputation because it’s known for being a harsh colour, particularly mustard yellow. However, this yellow tee-shirt’s Slinky fabric will fit snugly onto your frame to produce a tasteful casual look. More importantly, it’ll add a pop of colour to your outfit and others will take notice of it easily.




Now, simply pair the shirt with these stretch denim slim pants. They are so comfortable that you can literally do yoga in them, yet they’re appropriate for the sophisticated look that you’re trying to put together. Also, you won’t have to worry about them not fitting properly like you would with normal jeans.




Once you’re all settled, put on a floral chiffon scarf to finish off the look. It’ll add a feminine quality to your outfit and it’ll definitely put you in the mood for springtime. All you need is a pair of ballet flats and a satchel to have a chic and comfortable day. Also, don’t forget your sunglasses because they can really showcase your personality and the vibe that you want to give off.

Vintage Inspirations

27 August 2014

Recently Kim was in the UK where she visited Richmond Market and fell in love with these vintage lamps.


Kim gets inspiration from places she visits all around the world. Her love for vintage is what inspired our Victorian lace top below.




Item #12856W-2689-B14

Kim’s Look Book – Featuring The Basic Slinky Ollie Top

26 March 2012

Welcome to the first Kim’s Look Book, where we will take an item that Kim has chosen from the Kim & Co. website (www.kimco.ca) and show you different ways to wear it!

Romantic Getaway, Sporty Weekend, Dressed for Success and Evening Chic are just 4 of the different ways to wear this Ollie top (12099W-155-A12), and all items featured are available at www.kimco.ca.

Great for a Romantic Getaway the Basic Slinky Ollie top (12099W-155-A12) teamed up with the Perfect Pansies Long A-Line Skirt (5801W-2195-F11) will give you the freedom to move around as you please while feeling comfortable and looking romantically stylish.

Need an haute Couture look for that Sporty Weekend? The Basic Slinky Ollie Top (12099W-155-A12) layered under the Animal Skin Sleeveless Tunic (12053W-2319-B12) over a pair of Stretch Denim Cropped Leggings (6807W-2153-G11) is your solution. This combo will give you the style you desire while giving you the ability to look and feel comfortable.

Dress for Success with the Basic Slinky Ollie Top (12099W-155-A12) layered under the Slinky Long Sleeve Cardigan (8371W-155-H11) paired with the Slinky Cropped Pant (6645W-155-C12). This look will give you the chic style of success while feeling comfortable and confident throughout your work day.

For that Evening Chic look you’re searching for the Basic Slinky Ollie Top (12099W-155-A12) worn tucked into a Slinky Wide Waistband Skirt (5767W-155-C12) pulled up to give an empire cut delivers a designer style with the comfort you know and love.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the Basic Slinky Ollie Top (12099W-155-A12) or any suggestion you might have on how to wear it. Remember what Kim always says “The best way to get what you want is to ask for it!”

Take Care