The Kim & Co. Woman: Prints and Graphics

31 March 2015

The Kim & Co. woman is vibrant and sophisticated. She embraces prints and graphics of all kinds because they add a lively quality to her outfits. However, she has standards and not all prints or graphics will satisfy her. They always have to represent the best part of herself and showcase her personality to the world. In fact, the following prints will exude elegance with a minimalist approach to give you the most satisfying look.




The Classic Paisley Boat Neck Tunic is perfect for any transitional outfit. You can wear a blazer over it and pair it with stovepipe trousers for the office, then wear it for the way it is when you go out for happy hour in the evening. The fitted waist and boat neck collar elongates your neck and produces a flattering line for your body shape. The lovely Brazilian print and light blue fabric is simply feminine.




The Floral Bows Short Sleeved Dress is chicly nautical and will make you feel as though you are on a summer yacht. The graphic bows and navy blue background will remind you of the cute sailor’s knots that you learned during summer camp. Not only is this perfect for a garden party, but it will fulfill your nostalgic fantasies too. Long statement necklaces look the best with this particular dress.




This Butterfly Patchwork Chiffon Scarf is simply the best way to spice up a minimalist outfit. If you only want to wear a tank top and a pair of jeans, this would look great with a pair of sunglasses. Chiffon is such a light breezy fabric and its butterfly print has a royal flair that’s just so Cote d’Azur. If you want to go the extra mile, a fedora would look great with the chosen outfit.


Spring Time Stroll: The Central Park Look

6 March 2015

Spring will be here soon and you need an outfit that’s comfortable, but undeniably chic. After all, you’ll want to take a walk at the park or even down the streets once the weather clears up. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few simple items that we think would be perfect for you to enjoy your day. It’s colourful and floral, so have fun with it!




Yellow has a bad reputation because it’s known for being a harsh colour, particularly mustard yellow. However, this yellow tee-shirt’s Slinky fabric will fit snugly onto your frame to produce a tasteful casual look. More importantly, it’ll add a pop of colour to your outfit and others will take notice of it easily.




Now, simply pair the shirt with these stretch denim slim pants. They are so comfortable that you can literally do yoga in them, yet they’re appropriate for the sophisticated look that you’re trying to put together. Also, you won’t have to worry about them not fitting properly like you would with normal jeans.




Once you’re all settled, put on a floral chiffon scarf to finish off the look. It’ll add a feminine quality to your outfit and it’ll definitely put you in the mood for springtime. All you need is a pair of ballet flats and a satchel to have a chic and comfortable day. Also, don’t forget your sunglasses because they can really showcase your personality and the vibe that you want to give off.

TSC Showstopper – October 19th & 20th

17 October 2014

Love and shopping go together! You too can feel it in this new Kim & Co. luxe twin set featuring a cardigan with a matching cami in our soft touch fabric coming in a choice of 5 prints and 2 solid colours.

Watch Kim’s brand new Fall collection on The Shopping Channel on the following days:
– October 19th – 10pm, & 12am
– October 20th – 7am, 10am, 1pm, 6pm, & 9pm


Fine Arts Museum, Sherbrooke Street, Montreal
Kim’s wearing the twin set in Enchanted Paisley item #: 590097 with Milano knit narrow leg pants in black item #: 590236

Hot Summer Chic with Kim&Co.’s Today’s Showstopper at TSC

17 July 2014

Tune in tonight (July 17th) at 10pm & 12am and watch the launch of our Today’s Showstopper featuring for a first time ever reversible front-to-back tunic with matching chiffon scarf!
You will have a chance to watch Kim&Co. also tomorrow (July 18th) at 7am, 10am, 2pm, 5pm and 9pm!
Happy watching!


Kim enjoying a beautiful Montreal summer day with her best friend Riley wearing the Natural cheetah option with and our new Relaxed pant with pockets (589-760)


Strolling down the streets of Montreal wearing the romantic Floral multi option paired with out Brazil knit croppers leggings (589-137).

The Shopping Channel’s Kim & Co. January Collection Sneak Peek

10 January 2012

Hi everyone, Kim here and excited about the first collection of 2012 for The Shopping Channel for Canada. I will be on air on January 12th at 12:00pm, 3:00pm & 6:00pm (EST) with 12 new spring inspired styles in Slinky, Stretch Denim, Brazil Knit and 11 prints.

This collection’s sneak peek is a ¾ Sleeve Maxi Dress with a higher V-Neckline and Twist Front detail. it is available in 3 colorways being Brown Leopard, Black / Magenta & Black / Teal. This is just what we’re all looking for to feel relaxed in our post-holiday selves. Falling away from your middle and giving the illusion of height basically, sliming, forgiving & glamorous.

I would love to hear about your favorite special event outfit from Kim & Co., you can leave your comments on my Facebook (search Kim Mendelson or go to and click on the Facebook link).

Love, Kim

Here having fun in my home town of Montreal at one of my top choice restaurants, The Macaroni Bar!

This dress makes me feel like dancing!!!

*****I would suggest if you’re in Montreal to try the Macaroni Bar Located at 4448 St-Laurent corner of Mont-Royal great music, atmosphere and food. Check out their website at*****