Walk on the bright side

19 February 2016

Our first truly Spring collection for QVC UK is now available through QVC/UK’s website!

This time Kim is bringing as a TSV an uplifting and elegant two-piece set in Embroidered lace and Brazil knit. You will have a hard time choosing between the soft rose and whisper white, the life-affirming turquoise and mandarin, and the ever elegant navy options!


5 basics every woman needs

21 May 2015

What if you won an amazing vacation but the catch is you could only fit five items in your tote bag? So unfair, right? At Kim&co. this subject got us thinking. If we were stuck in this situation, what would we bring?
After taking a look at all our collections, we created “The Survival Kit”, a complete set of basics.

Here are our five favorites :

1. Slinky leggings
Every woman needs a good pair of leggings! They look great under a tunic for a day of casual shopping, or with a nice dress for a night out on the town.

2.Rose lace sleeveless dress
Speaking of a night out on the town, a little black dress is fashion’s oldest basic. From Chanel to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. At Kim&co., we offer you a more romantic little black dress, perfect for a date at a nice French restaurant.

3. Classic Leopard chiffon scarf
At Kim&co. we simply cannot live without a nice printed scarf! One of our definite favorites is the Classic Leopard chiffon scarf!

4. Slinky sleeveless flared tunic
You can never go wrong with a solid tunic. You can match it with a colorful scarf, a statement necklace, or simply with a pair of our slinky leggings and some stylish ballerinas.

5. Maxi dress
Nothing to wear? No problem! Throw on one of our gorgeous maxi dresses with a pair of flats and you are good to go! It would also look amazing with wedges and some shiny bangles.

At Kim&co. we believe that fashion is all about expressing your true self, so have fun with these looks and let the beauty of you shine through!


Marina Minelli: Writer Extraordinaire

7 April 2015

Marina Minelli is a writer as well as a social and historical blogger by occupation who remains fabulous with a Kim & Co. wardrobe. She’s always busy, whether she is on a talk show expressing her views or when she’s visiting a fan to discuss her work. Minelli is a strong and powerful woman who knows just how to feel good in her skin.


She wears the Classic Paisley Shirt when she knows she wants to be elegant, yet comfortable at once. In fact, the bohemian print with the light blue shade provides a subtle contrast that makes the outfit vibrant on television. You want to be taken seriously, but there’s no reason why you can’t have fun with fashion too.




Prints are simply her best friend, as you can see with the Canary Print Ruched Sleeved Peter Pan Collar Top that she pairs with a pair of blue trousers. She looks pulled together, yet ready to go to a garden party. The only thing that’s missing is her floppy sun hat.




When she’s outside, she prefers this Short Sleeved Filigree Top with the turquoise and purple combination. Minelli clearly lives ecstatically as can be seen through her clothes. The Kim & Co. woman clearly embodies style.




If you think you’re a Kim & Co. woman, send us pictures of events and occasions where you’re wearing the clothes. We love learning about our clients

Casual Fridays: Dressing Down with Sophistication

26 February 2015

You’re simply going on a walk or running errands, but you still want to look marvelous. However, you don’t want to be too excessive because you truly want to be comfortable on your day off. As a result, Kim & Co. has compiled a casual look that you will have you feeling refined and elegant at once.

This Canary Print Ruched Sleeved Peter Pan Collar Top is simply divine. The top’s fitted quality will emphasize your figure, while its gorgeous spring print will have you reminiscing about walks below cherry blossom trees. It’s the perfect shirt if you don’t plan to accessorize too much since the shirt speaks for itself. In fact, statement accessories may detract from the shirt completely and may even feel disproportionate.



Afterwards, select this Navy Blue Bolero Cardigan and wear it over the canary print top. Not only will it keep you warm during cold drafts indoors, but it can also add a graceful quality to your outfit. After all, prints are not for everyone, so the cardigan will help tone down your look and keep it appropriately feminine and stately.



Then, match it with a pair of Stretch Denim Slim Pants that are made of luscious stretch denim fabric. You will love these if you love slim fit pants, but dislike elastic waistbands and slinky fabrics. They fit snuggly to highlight the shape of your legs and they’ll match your cardigan to produce a Victoria Beckham look. In fact, they’ll look great with leopard print boat shoes and large totes.



Now, simply add this Rugged Heart Shaped Pendant as a final touch. It’s not heavy like statement jewelry, but it creates a perfectly ornate look.



How it all began

10 November 2014

Behind The Scenes

5 September 2014

During her last visit to the UK, Kim had a great time shooting promo videos for QVC.
Here are some behind the scene pictures.